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Welcome to Maryland Auto Mats

We carry a massive variety of custom floor mats with over 5,000 custom-fit patterns specifically designed for your car, truck or SUV! All of our mats are very high quality with excellent durability to minimize wear and tear. We carry auto floor mats for nearly all cars, trucks, 3rd row and SUV makes and models manufactured since the 1970's. In a wide selection of materials, such as carpeted options, heavy-duty rubber and vinyl in assorted finishes and colors. Match colors with your existing vehicle colors or pair accordingly. Heavy-duty backing insulates against heat and noise and helps to keep these car floor mats in place.

Unlike the "universal" fit mats you'll find at your local auto parts store, our mats are custom tailored to the vehicle's space specifically. Each one of our custom car mats, truck mats or SUV mats is designed specifically to fit the make, model and year of your vehicle - no cutting or folding required. You don't need to settle for subpar auto floor mats again - just start shopping and get exactly what you need today!

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